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Me on Concordia College Campus, 2021.

This blog is currently being used by Jake Seboe for HIST 325: Doing Digital History at Concordia College at Moorhead.

About Me


I am currently a senior studying at Concordia College at Moorhead. I am an History and English Literature double major, a Political Science minor, and I am earning an HMS Undergraduate Certificate. I am taking HIST 325: Doing Digital History to satisfy both an History major elective and as a required course for an HMS Undergraduate Certificate.

While I do find the topic of internet history quite intriguing, I myself have never created/edited a website to discuss the matter, or any matter, in fact! I am equally nervous and excited to see where this website will go. Despite my trepidations, I believe the open-source nature of most historical resources on the internet to be a pertinent issue in an age of paywalls, never-ending ads, and premium membership subscriptions. However, I do recognize that most information isn’t free in this day and age, and people should be earning a fair wage for their contributions to the historical community when necessary. While I have no present intention to make this site monetized, I am unsure of what I may post here in the future with regards to historical inquiry.

Other history courses I have taken to complete my History major (as the Spring 2023 semester is my first one with HMS classes) include HIST 112, 210, 315, 316, 332, 338, and 360 which include such topics as Women’s History, Hitler’s Germany, USSR History, Indigenous History, and Global Food History. I am also the sitting President of the Concordia College chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society. In Spring 2022 I had the opportunity to travel to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. on behalf of my HIST 210 class with a scholarship through the MINNE Fellowship and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

I currently work as an intern at the Elsie Welter Museum located on Concordia’s Campus where I am digitizing the college’s herbarium collection. So far, I have digitized thousands of specimens individually. We are also in the process of preserving several hundred Kodak slides of Elsie Welter’s adventures during her lifetime, which include everything from family photographs to plants and animals she found interesting.

In other news, I enjoy U.S. Presidential History, WWI History, reading, playing video games, and listening to music outdoors. I believe Youtube and Spotify are amazing sources of information regarding both broad and niche topics in history with several different creators if you have time to seek them out.

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